Pet Acupuncture

Our veterinary team is proud to offer the transformative benefits of pet acupuncture to our beloved furry patients in Durham, NC, and the surrounding areas. With our over-the-top pet acupuncture services, we go beyond traditional veterinary medicine to provide a holistic approach to pet health and happiness.

Trust Our Expertise in Pet Acupuncture

At Tyson Animal Hospital, we take pride in our compassionate and skilled team of veterinarians who are certified in pet acupuncture. Our deep understanding of animal physiology and emotional well-being ensures that each acupuncture session is tailored to your pet’s unique needs. We create a calm and soothing environment, allowing your pet to relax and fully benefit from this ancient healing practice.

A person's hands on a dog's back

Experience the Transformative Power of Pet Acupuncture

Pet acupuncture is a safe, natural, and non-invasive therapy that has been practiced for thousands of years. By stimulating specific points on your pet’s body, we can help restore balance, alleviate pain, and promote overall wellness.

When you choose Tyson Animal Hospital for pet acupuncture in Durham, NC, you’re choosing a partner in your pet’s journey towards optimal health and happiness. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or learn more about our over-the-top pet acupuncture services.

Your pet deserves the very best care, and at Tyson Animal Hospital, we deliver nothing less. Discover the incredible benefits of pet acupuncture and witness its positive impact on your furry friend’s life. Unlock the healing power of this ancient therapy and let your pet thrive.

Benefits of Pet Acupuncture

Boosts Immune System Function:

A strong immune system is vital for your pet’s long-term health. Pet acupuncture can strengthen their immune response, helping them fight infections, allergies, and other immune-related conditions more effectively.

Enhances Healing and Recovery:

After surgery or injury, pet acupuncture can accelerate the healing process. By boosting circulation and promoting tissue repair, this therapy aids in reducing recovery time and minimizing scar tissue formation.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety:

Just like humans, pets can experience stress and anxiety. Pet acupuncture helps regulate the nervous system, release endorphins, and promote relaxation, reducing anxiety-related behaviors and improving your pet’s overall well-being.

Relieves Pain and Discomfort:

Whether your pet suffers from arthritis, musculoskeletal issues, or other painful conditions, pet acupuncture can provide much-needed relief. This therapy helps your furry friend find comfort and regain mobility by activating the body’s natural painkillers and reducing inflammation.

Improves Quality of Life:

Pet acupuncture is not just about addressing specific ailments. It’s a comprehensive therapy that improves your pet’s overall quality of life. By restoring balance to their body and mind, this holistic approach can bring vitality, increased energy, and improved emotional well-being to your furry companion.